Edward McLaughlin
Licensed Real Estate Broker
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Hoboken Realty Management Protecting your Assets Your property is one of your most valuable assets and the way it is managed today can determine its value tomorrow. The following are some of the services we offer as part of our all inclusive management contract:
  • On-Site Inspections of the Property
  • Representation at Board and Association Meetings
  • Maintenance Fee Collection
  • Financial Management of Association Accounts
  • Creation and Distribution of Annual Budgets
  • Distribution of Monthly Income and Expense Reports (via print or email)
  • Preparation and Filing of Annual Tax Return
  • Coordination of Annual Property Audit for Accountant if Required by the Association
  • Management and Supervision of Vendors and Contractors
  • Management of all Capital Improvement Projects, which include the following:
  • -Obtain Comparable, Competitive Bids from Licensed, Insured Contractors
    -Supervise the Work from Beginning to End
    -Maintain Records of all Warranties and/or Guarantees of Work Performed
  • Maintenance and Re-Negotiation of Contracts
  • Elevator Maintenance and Repair Contracts
  • HVAC Service Contracts
  • Sprinkler System Contracts
  • Fire Alarm Monitoring Contracts
Property Maintenance
Our years of experience have gained us a wide and distinct number of local trade contractors. We have access to professionals with very specific and practical skill sets. You can be assured that all of them are insured, punctual and efficient.